Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Favourite Podcasts - 9 - Dr Karl on Up All Night

Dr Karl is a super celebrity in Australia, he is the Brian Cox of down under... yet he seems to know so little, but he communicates his lack of knowledge well!

Let me explain, early on Thursday mornings BBC 5live has a science phone in hosted by the brilliant Rhod Sharp, and then Dr Karl Kruszelnicki joins down the line from Australia to answer questions. Mostly mad people ring in with science questions. Dr Karl is usually out of his depth with the questions (although about one in 5 he answers very well) and calls for an expert to ring in and help him.

This should be annoying, someone like Dr Chris Smith (we will come to him on a later blog entry) would have the answer there and then, but Dr Karl will fumble about, try and work something out from 'first principles' on the spot, give half an answer and then give up.

But I love this approach, it gives me hope that I can work some science stuff out for myself, and even a super star like Dr Karl needs experts in the field to help him. He makes me feel less stupid and gives me pointers on how a normal person can work stuff out for themselves... in fact he is a great Skeptic (see Pod Delusion).

Oh, and also it is great fun to laugh at the strange people who ring in to the show...

Download at BBC 5live website here.

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