Thursday, 15 September 2011

Favourite Podcasts - 6 - Adam and Joe

Adam and Joe are just naturally funny, every line they say makes you smile, every silly childish noise raises a chuckle, every long winded jingle or song makes you laugh. If Adam and Joe made a cup of tea it would be a funny beverage.

If I were ranking podcasts (which I am not) then this would be in the top 3, in fact this blog is named after one of their catchphrases.

This is another podcast based on a radio show (BBC 6music) with a few download bonuses. it features Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish. You are as likely to find them talking about a random and unpredictable selection of topics each week such made up jokes, film scenes, train announcers or the Points of View theme tune.

What really shows their comedy genius is the songs they write, from a brand new Bond theme to a pop song about a lizard in a blizzard. Go to You Tube and search for Song Wars or Adam and Joe songs and you will get a good taste of what they can do.

Listening is like a club, Twitter is always alight with in jokes and quotes from shows, there is even an identifying action for listeners to find each other in public spaces... but even if you are a first time listener you will soon pick it up in a few shows, and in fact in jokes are created and dropped all the time, so even if you don't feel involved in one you will soon be part of a brand new one.

Adam and Joe are on a break at the moment, but I implore you to download some of the last series of podcasts, Adam and Joe is what podcasts were made for.

Download at the BBC 6music site here.

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