Monday, 12 September 2011

Favourite Podcasts - 4 - Radio 4 Documentary of the week

I wasn't going to put this one in, and that may mean I have to bump another one out later, but today I listened to an episode that made me realise that it had to go back in.

This podcast stream is simply documentaries that have been broadcast on Radio 4, theoretically one a week, but recently there have been some days with 3 new podcasts.

Subjects cover all sorts, technology, science, arts, politics and religion. I probably download one in ten that are published, but that one is usually like finding gold dust, something that broadens the mind and educates in a subject you may not have given much thought to.

This low hit rate made me not have it in my original list, but I listened to an episode today by Naomi Alderman that gripped me and made me think about a subject (9/11 and it's affect of peoples religious views) that I had not really given any thought to.

Find somewhere quiet and listen to it, it's only 15 minutes long, if you don't find it interesting then there might be something else on the feed that you like. Or it might be that I am just a old fuddy-duddy that just likes documentaries.

Listen to the individual episode by Naomi Alderman here, or the podcast feed here.

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