Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Favourite Podcasts - 5 - Dave Gorman

The Merchant of Tennis, Indiana Bones and the Temple of Groom, Much ado about toys, Tina we salute you!

Anyone who does not listen to the Dave Gorman podcast from Absolute Radio will not understand what just happened, regular listeners will already be smiling at reading this list.

This podcast is, like many others, an edited version of a radio show. Dave Gorman is host, Danielle Ward and Martin White the trusty co-hosts. The edited show is really great listening on it's own (Martin actually writes a song based on the show during the show each and every week!), but the genius is the podcast extras that are recorded after the show, Listeners Lexicon, correspodcast and the hilarious Pun Street.

Dave Gorman is a brilliant comic, and this podcast shows he does not just do great scripted stand up comedy (His live show from last year is one of my favourite comedy shows I have ever seen) but he can also do great spontaneous humour too.

So many comedians have a podcast these days, some just don't work all that well, but this one really is a treasure, and makes me look like a grinning idiot on the bus every Monday.

Dowload at the Absolute Radio site here.

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