Sunday, 11 September 2011

Favourite Podcasts - 2 - Collings and Herrin

You know those annoying friends you have who are always saying really rude inappropriate things, who tell you the same stories over and over again, who talk confidently about subjects from a place of ignorance? They are frustrating, but somehow fun to be around. Somehow a gathering would not be complete without them.

Well this is a bit like listening to Collings and Herrin Podcasts. The premise is that Andrew Collins (Collings) and Richard Herring (Herrin) sit in Richards attic with the papers and talk about the news. Well that was the original premise, the papers have kind of been forgotten, and now they talk about anything they like.

Often discussion revolves around the things Richard wants to do to Andrew, often about how much they hate each other, often about the disturbed contents of Richards head...

I have listened to every episode so far (over 2 years worth) and I can't count the amount of times I have thought an episode was so stupid that I was going to give up downloading it, but somehow the next one comes out and I find myself listening again and laughing along.

Richard and Andrew have recently had a very public falling out, so the podcast is on hold. I am fairly sure they will be back one day though, and they will pick up the bumming jokes where they left off.

Download at The British Comedy Guide here.

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