Saturday, 3 December 2011

Favourite Podcasts - 18 - Sidepodcast F1 debrief

I have already featured one podcast from these guys (An Aside With Joe) a few weeks ago, but Christine and Mr C also produce a general F1 podcast every few weeks or so.

The F1 debrief consists of 'Good week, Bad week', a guide to what is going well and badly in F1, a brief review of the last practice and qualifying sessions and an analysis of the race itself.

For the the best bit the listener feedback section at the end, the Sidepodcast community is a geographically diverse, but passionate group of people. From screaming rants about an aspect of F1, to a well crafted poem or song - you never quite know what the Sidepodcast listeners are going to send in next.

It is great fun, and not to be taken seriously, but you will learn one or two things about the sport along the way.

Oh, and Christine may just randomly talk about Pandas for a section. Something for everyone.

Download here at Sidepodcast.

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