Friday, 14 October 2011

Favourite Podcasts - 11 - An Aside with Joe

Imagine if every few weeks you could speak to someone who knows so much about F1 and motorsport that it would make your head hurt. Imagine if that person had been to every F1 Grand Prix since 1988, had friends and contacts in high places, and shared all his opinions with you over a glass of red wine.

This is the experience you can have with the An Aside With Joe podcast. Every few weeks Mr C and Christine Blachford (from get veteran F1 journalist Joe Saward on the line and chat for an hour or so about some current issues in the sport.

Joe is opinionated, but always well reasoned and very ahead of the curve. You will hear things weeks before they actually happen. Whether it be driver moves, sales of teams, new developments or other gossip his sources are so good that he will almost always turn out to be right.

He is also great to listen to, he has a slightly grumpy Jack Dee style of delivery, but he is clearly passionate about the sport and it's future. His insight into what it takes to be a sports journalist are also amazing, and invaluable for anyone thing of taking this as a career route.

A must for any F1 fan who wants to get deeper into the sport than the TV coverage or F1 Racing magazine may give you.

Download the podcast at the Sidepodcast site here.

(and if you like this podcast consider subscribing to Joe's web magazine GP+, from what I have seen it looks amazing!)

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  1. I could not agree more with you. I have been listening to An Aside With Joe on for a couple of years now. I also read Joe's webzine GP+. Fantastic!