Saturday, 15 October 2011

Favourite Podcasts - 12 - The Infinite Monkey Cage

Science is very trendy these days, which is very confusing for the geeks who were bullied at school for being good at it.

Comedy is also very trendy these days, and that is confusing for the loners at school who invariably become stand up comedians.

When the two come together you get BBC Radio 4s The Infinite Monkey Page.

Robin Ince does the comedy side (with a bit of science) and Professor Brian Cox does the science bits (with a bit of comedy). The format has changed a few times, but they are now generally recorded in front of a live audience, a few guests talk about their area of scientific interest and other comedians sometime join the fun too. It's hard to say exactly what the podcast is about, but I guess that 'making science accessible and funny' might sum it up.

The series has been so popular that they took the show on tour and added a few of their friends as well, such as Ben Goldacre and Helen Arney. The shows often sell our within days of tickets going on sale!

If you are slightly on the geeky side, or just love comedy then this is a great podcast.

It looks like all the previous series are available for download here, and I hear that a new series is being recorded for broadcast this winter!

(Oh, and we interviewed Robin Ince for our podcast here!)

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