Friday, 14 October 2011

Marlow to Cookham walk.

Marlow to Cookham Walk 001

 On Wednesday I decided to go for a walk. One of my favourite towns in the area is Marlow, and as I was to be in the nearby High Wycombe in the evening I decided it was a good excuse to go there. Last time I was there I picked up a leaflet of local walks in the information centre, and decided to do the walk to Bourne End.

Marlow to Cookham Walk 003 Marlow to Cookham Walk 012

As I got into Bourne End I realised that I had been there before, and that it was very near Cookham, where friends Dave and Charlotte used to live, and also the the landlords of our local pub in Exeter had moved to for a while to run a pub there (and we did a crazy long trip to visit them to get a pint!).

Marlow to Cookham Walk 016 Marlow to Cookham Walk 017

 Quite a nice surprise, as I do love the place, and was good to wander around for a bit and remember previous visits, but was also good to set off again as it started to drizzle!

Marlow to Cookham Walk 019Marlow to Cookham Walk 020

Oh... and I noticed it was Autumn!

Marlow to Cookham Walk 023

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