Monday, 19 December 2011

Favourite Podcasts - 21 - Mark Kermodes Film podcast

This was probably the first podcast I ever downloaded, and has been running for years and years, way before podcasts were common. It must be the flagship podcast of BBC Radio five live.

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo are an unlikely pairing, Mark is emotional and opinionated, Simon is calm and professional, but this combination seems to work well.

Not only is a great round up of films released in the UK each week, but it also makes great entertainment (or Wittertainment as they call it), Mark's rants about certain films have become legendary bits of radio, just search YouTube for "Kermode rant" and you will get a good taste.

Sometimes the in-jokes get a bit much, but recently they have addressed this problem and they are kept to a minimum.

It's become a long podcast (90 minutes) but is great entertainment each Friday. Whether you like film or not its worth a listen.

Download at the BBC Podcasts website here.

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