Saturday, 3 December 2011

Favourite Podcasts - 19 - In Our Time

Melvyn Bragg is a national treasure, very few people know such a huge amount about a huge amount of topics, and can speak about them passionately and eloquently.

He can also be a very, very grumpy man.

Which is the combination that can make Radio 4's In Our Time a great listen. Melvyn and three experts in their field talk about a topic. Topics are drawn from history, science, philosophy, culture and religion.

Some of my favourite topics in the last year have been Dave Hume, The Hippocratic Oath, Cogito Urgo Sum, The Moon, and free will.

At it's best the conversation is lively and your head will explode with ideas, Melvyn makes sure that no one contributor dwells on a detail too long, and is not scared to tell them to shut up!

At it's worst it is very dull, but I am not scared to turn it off and delete the episode anymore! A lot is dependent on the topic that week.

Download at the BBC Radio 4 website.

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