Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Favourite Podcasts - 22 - Righteous Indignation

Ghosts, UFOs, miracle cures, yetis, monsters and more ghosts. No, this is not the line up of documentaries on ITV3, these are some of the topics covered by the podcast Righteous Indignation.

I will admit that I am catching up with old ones (in December 2010 at the moment), but I really enjoy this podcast. The topics are tackled from a broadly skeptical viewpoint, but with plenty of 'believers' interviewed in a balanced and human way. Even if the person being interviewed holds the craziest views in the world this podcast will always treat them as a real human being, and also discuss the positive side of the persons opinions.

Hayley Stevens, Trystan Swale and Micheal Marshall are your regular hosts, but with other brilliant contributors (usually from Liverpool or Manchester skeptics, or Ladies who do Skepticism). There is much silliness and messing about, and also some serious content that makes you think about the extraordinary claims that some people make.

This is not an academic look at the subjects it covers, it is for the average thinking person, and will inspire people to think critically about things that their friends of colleagues may say at work or in the pub.

Download at the RI website, or follow on Twitter.

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