Thursday, 23 June 2011

Listing things.

I have seen people before blogging a month of a certain thing, for instance YouTube videos of songs they like, or classic albums, or favourite films.

I am thinking what I could do a month of blogging about. I am not up to date enough with music to really pull off the songs thing, would be pretty boring to have a month of James Taylor and Jackson Browne songs. I used to watch a lot of films, but have only seen a few this year, I read books, but at a rate slower than most primary school children (although to be fair Dr Seuss and The Very Hungry Caterpillar are pretty quick reads).

So what could I blog about? Could I manage 30 days of podcasts? 30 Days of beers? 30 Days of cheese?

Any other ideas for me?

While you are thinking here is some Jackson Browne...


  1. I would religiously read a blog about cheese. Do that one!

  2. Ok will do that, August will be a month of cheese, and that gives me time to do some research! Have the Grand Prix and a few days in Exeter in July to keep me busy blogging!