Sunday, 19 June 2011

You say it best...

Last night we went for a splendid curry with people from work (Chilli Masala, strangely lacking in green chilies, but still very nice). A few of us then went out and hit the town (well, went to The Bell in Aylesbury) and chatted about things that grown ups should know better than to talk about after a few drinks. (Politics, Religion and Work). The lively and loud conversation/arguments resulted in me waking up with a sore throat and no voice.

This has been fine on the whole, luckily I Sunday does not require much of me on the voice front. It was odd walking into town with Ivonne earlier in silence though, felt like we had had some sort of row.

So I have quietly spent the day reading the Observer, reading the month before lasts Wired magazine (interesting articles on the loan company Wonga, the rise of Andriod OS, and how Chernobyl has affected the local ecosystem).

Also watched many, many hours of touring cars on the TV.

I now just hope my voice returns for tomorrow, could be awkward at work if not.

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