Sunday, 12 June 2011

A short history of blogging by me. By me.

Picture yourself back in the year 1992.

How Vain.

To think that anyone would care about you enough to want to read your diary, other than perhaps your parents and girlfriend. All those thoughts, all those little things you do each day that are of no real consequence - in 1992 they all stay firmly in your head, and only occasionally spill out in words, perhaps after a few drinks or written in a secret black book hidden under your bed.

Fast forward nearly 20 years and we have Twitter, each and every thought can be broadcast instantly on a mobile device in the place that you thunk it.

Rewind about 10 years again and we find ourselves in 2002, for me this is blogging year zero. Encouraged by many friends, especially Dave Walker, of Cartoon Blog and Wibsite fame, I started up my own blog, Neil's Slightly Random Wiblog.

I had already played about with websites for a few years, Neil's Slightly Random Webpage, first in a geocities form, then moved onto a real server. The long dead (and seemingly un-archived) site contained a few reviews of CDs I liked, and a few links to things I did. I updated it at least twice a year.

I liked blogging much more though, the instantness of it, people being able to leave feedback, and not having to worry about the technical side of things. My first blog post, in July 2002, read Someone just walked by whose mobile phone ringtone was set to "We wish you a Merry Christmas", Seasons Greetings!

I continued this blog for 6 years, and for a variety of reasons decided it was time to set up a new blog, exeblog, a blog themed around my home town of Exeter. This ran for just over 2 years, and then we decided to move to Aylesbury, making a blog about Exeter a little difficult for me to update. It was retired September last year, I may revive it if I move back.

Other than the blog that runs alongside the Words Fail Me Podcast. I have been blogless since September, the void filled by microblogging at my Twitter account and the timewasting sensation that is Facebook.

But here I am again, a new generically named blog with no real purpose other than being a space that has my name on it.

How vain of me.


  1. I discovered the joys of blogging just three weeks ago. Quite why anyone reads mine, I know not. But they do. Welcome back! :)

  2. Vain but as usual I quite like your nonsense ;)