Monday, 4 July 2011

A history of Neil in 100 objects.

I had an idea that I would blog about my 10 favourite possessions, but as Ivonne said when I told her my idea "I'm surprised you have any". This is very true, I am not one for material things, I don't hoard books (although I do have a huge amount) preferring to borrow and just pass them on, I prefer shopping for food, spending money in the pub, or spending money on an experience (comedy, a day out in London or motorsport).

So an idea hit me today, For Christmas I got a lovely book of the History of the World in 100 objects, based on the Radio 4 series from the British Museum, one of my favourite places in the world (the V&A still have the edge for me), and then remembered the Collins and Herring series on 6 Music, the History of Collins and Herring in 100 objects (cut off around object 50 and unlikely to return), and thought this is a much better idea for a blog series.

So over the next few days (or weeks if I am slack) I will list the first 10 objects that make the history of me, a vain, vain exercise in blogging, but one that will be cathartic and fun.

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