Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Year, New Flat, New Town.

I know it's a week or so late, but Happy New Year! There has been a lot to do the last month, with moving flat before Christmas, getting used to living in a new place (High Wycombe), going away for Christmas and again for new year and Ivonne starting new job.

 This weekend is the first one for a while that almost feels normal, although I think it will be a few months before things feel really normal. I am still crashing into things in the flat all the time as I have not got used to the space, I keep forgetting which way I need to walk to various places and its hard to get used to all the new noises at night.

I have had a little time to wander around the local area, a lovely park area nearby called the Rye, which has a nice lake and wooded area. Squirrels are everywhere at the moment!


 Also a nice park and wooded area just behind the flat, and although it is a very steep walk to get up to there are great views from the top.


Also a great location for Red Kite spotting!


On the way back saw this odd cloud/rainbow thing... the pictures don't do it justice but it looked very strange.


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