Sunday, 8 January 2012

Favourite Podcasts 24 - The Life Scientific

I love science, but am often confused by the details of theories and the technical side. What I always like though is the real lives of the people who do science, the accidental discoveries, the rivalries, and the interesting stories that surround particular areas of science.

That is why I have really enjoyed listening to BBC Radio 4's podcasts The Life Scientific, where Jim al-Khalili chats to a leading scientist about their life and work.

Past guests have included Paul Nurse, Jocelyn Bell-Burnell and Colin Pillinger, but the two I have really found interesting were Steven Pinker talking about his studies into language, and reflecting on some of the controversies he has caused, and also Robert Winston on his work on fertility (this podcast has oddly vanished, despite being on only being a few weeks ago).

I really hope this podcast continues and the BBC don't stop it (like they recently did with the excellent Home Planet) , as I think it is up there with In Our Time as the most interesting show and podcast they have done for years.

Download a selection of episodes here at the BBC podcast site.

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