Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Favourite Podcasts - 25 - Danny Baker

Finally, it is the last of my favourite podcasts, and I have saved the best until last.

Danny Baker is known by most people in the UK, but only truly loved by a few. Many know him as the drinking partner of Chris Evans, many know him as the man from the annoying Daz adverts, many may know him from laddy TV in the 90s.

I know him from doing genuinely creative and innovative radio, from Radio 1, to Radio 5, TalkSport, and now the present day FiveLive. If you ever hear a radio show where the presenter throws out a few topics and gets listeners to phone in with real life funny stories about those topics then it is worth bearing in mind that he created that genre. It may seem an obvious thing to do now, but once it was a brand new idea, and it was Danny Bakers idea.

Of course technology has helped a lot, and played into the hands of Bakers style. Email, Twitter, texts and facebook have all increased the speed of feedback from listeners, closing the feedback loop perfectly and making for fast paced and surprising shows.

Topics are wide ranging, from What sports have you played using improved equipment, to Zombie cars, to moving food, to things that have Just Vanished.

Listening to the podcast is a celebration of the small things in life that could be overlooked, but are actually hilarious, life affirming, or bizarre. You will feel better at the end than when you started.

I could go on, but listening for yourself is the best way to find out more... all I would say is do you want Brown Sauce, Red Sauce, or no sauce at all?

Listen to the podcast on the FiveLive site here.

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