Sunday, 13 November 2011

Things I have seen around Aylesbury (Part Seven)


To explain what is happening in this picture the couple on the left hand side are rubbing their hands all over an elderly man, and the huddle on the right are laying a hand each on a lady in a wheelchair. The couple in the middle have just been shopping, as it's getting near christmas.

The banner proclaims 'Healing' and it would seem that a group from the Aylesbury Vineyard Church are preying on (pun intended) people in Aylesbury who they think might want some healing.

I wanted to go up to one of the church members and say something, but what would I say? "How dare you take advantage of the elderly and vulnerable and give them false hope with your superstition, why don't you go and put your energy into being some practical help to people instead?"

But of course I did not do anything of the sort, I just walked on by and went to the Kings Head for a pint.

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  1. Neil you are wrong there is no false hope given it is the healing on the streets team from aylesbury vineyard church who go out once a month and pray for people who would like healing.Jesus said i give you authority to go and heal the sick so that the lame walk and the blind see.I was like you until i saw legs grow before my eyes and different people healed of all types of diseases,oh by the way the practical help you talk about?this same church has provided nearly 1,000 familys in this area with food,furniture and help and continues to do so.I would say that really was practical help.