Saturday, 19 November 2011

Favourite Podcasts - 17 - Utter Shambles

There is nothing more satisfying in life than meeting up with friends, chatting randomly about the big issues in the world, the small detail of our lives and the food, music, books, TV and films we have recently consumed. This is a good night out, and gives us a fantastic feeling of being connected with others, our community and the world.

This is what Utter Shambles gives you in podcast form.

I may have overstated that a little, but Robin Ince and Josie Long in this podcast create that feeling, it is spontaneous, random, but endlessly interesting. It may be the only podcast I have reviewed that has no format, none at all. It is just them and guests chatting about whatever comes to mind.

The quality of guests helps, Billy Bragg, Jon Ronson, Mark Gatiss and Terry Jones to name a few. Just being in a room with these people is going to be an amazing experience, and after you listen to Utter Shambles you feel you will have been in the room with these people, and that you know them, as if you had just met them down the pub.

Robin and Josie have a huge part to play in creating this feeling, they are both natural to the extreme, no acting or egos get in the way, and the guest must feel very at ease which means they will talk about things that they might otherwise not.

Robin was kind enough to come onto my podcast (you can hear it here), but it is nothing compared to Utter Shambles, which is like a shining jewel in the podcasting world, and a new episode (released whenever one is ready, 1 week apart or 6 months...) always excites me!

Download at Comedy Central Here.

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