Sunday, 13 November 2011

Favourite Podcasts - 14 - Radio 4 Friday Night Comedy

Radio 4 has a reputation of being a little dry and stuffy, or that is certainly the way that people who have never listened to it think of it, but us Radio 4 listeners (I assume you are one? If not then go and take a good long look at your life) know that it is the home of great creative comedy in the UK.

6.30pm is one of the slots that Radio 4 usually puts comedy shows into, and the Friday night slot is exclusively reserved for topical comedy, alternating series between The News Quiz and The Now Show.

The News Quiz is possibly the funniest news based thing on either radio or TV, it inspired Have I Got News for You, but is very different in tone. Sandi Toksvig is host, and regulars such as Jeremy Hardy, Andy Hamilton, Phill Jupitus and many others discuss the news of the week in a very offbeat and funny way. Between rounds are stories and headlines read from newspapers and websites in the classic "Man Found Dead in Graveyard" tradition.

The Now Show is not quite so good these days, but still funny enough. Hugh Dennis and Steve Punt host a satirical look at the weeks news, and contributors help out. It is scripted in its form and can sometimes be great. Highlights include Jon Holmes letters from listeners, Mitch Benns songs, and when he is on the show Marcus Brigstocke ranting about something and anything!

Download at the BBC Podcasts site here.

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