Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A history of Neil in 100 objects - Object 8 - Fiat Panda

Fiat Panda

This was my first car. Well not this one in the picture, this is clearly a model of a car, but my first car was just like this, same colour, but withoit the rallying stickers.

I bought this car off a girl I used to host a radio show with, it was £300 and had 9 months MOT.

What I loved about this car is that it was so basic, no radio, no power steering, no electric windows. It was simply a box with an engine and wheels.

But what a great car, it handled so well, used so little fuel and was so simple to clean and maintain. I didn't do huge miles in this car but it got me to South Wales on 3 occasions, London twice, Bristol countless times and Birmingham once. It also went to Dawlish and Teignmouth more times that I can count.

I loved the Panda so much, I would toot and wave to other Panda drivers, I named it (Pandora, as it was like a box), and, like my DMs I felt it was cool.

Sadly on New Years day, 2 and a half years after getting it something went horribly wrong. I still don't know if clouting the curb caused the engine to explode, or if the engine exploding caused me to run into the curb and off the road. Either way the Panda was only good for scrap, and was sadly crushed into a smaller box shaped version of itself (I assume).

I went on to buy a Matiz, and grew to love it almost as much. I think I just have a penchant for small, rubbish, flimsy cars.

I have never bought a small model version of the Matiz.


  1. We will have to get you one. Actually, is there such a thing? I think the Panda is iconic in a way that the Matiz just never will be ...

  2. I'd much rather you get ud a new Fiat 500 Sarah ;-)