Monday, 22 August 2011

A history of Neil in 100 objects - Object 7 - Doc Martens Boots


More than any other footwear (other than socks) Doc Martens have shod (I love that word) my feet for the majority of the last 16 years.

I bought my first pair in the year I left high school. I will not lie, my then girlfriend lived in DMs, and there was a certain amount of 'trying to impress' in the purchase of these boots.

In the mid 90's these boots were the ultimate in hippy trendy, available in many colours and even flower power designs, and I was totally unaware that this brand had once been associated with a rather murkier subculture. DMs were cool, and girls I liked liked DMs.

I went for the traditional black, mainly because they were £10 cheaper than the coloured versions. I decided I would wear them everywhere, and they seemed to fit every possible occasion.

When I got a job I bought a shoe version of the boots, but quickly realised that the boot version were just fine, as trousers hid the fact they were anything other than black shoes (people seem not to notice the yellow stitching)

I have worn them at festivals, with shorts, for job interviews, at weddings, for walking, and at work. In fact I still wear them to work now I am the only bank employee I have met who wears them (but there must be others out there!)

Earlier this year I bought my 7th pair (including the shoe version I bought once) in Oxford for £70. Even if they had always cost this much (which they didn't) then DMs have cost me £30 a year. Not bad considering they are what I wear 90% of the time.

I imagine I will be wearing them until my last days, whether girls like them or not.

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