Sunday, 14 August 2011

A history of Neil in 100 objects - Object 4 - Stuffed Toy Woodstock


I used to love Peanuts cartoons, not as a child so much (although I did have a Snoopy lunchbox), I actually don't remember reading Peanuts cartoon strips as a child, and was more of a Garfield fan. But suddenly at about the age of 20 I suddenly "got" Peanuts cartoons, perhaps, because of the deep life themes Peanuts covers they can only be appreciated properly as an adult.

In 2000 Charles Schultz died, reinvigorating my interest in the cartoons, the early internet provided me with a seemingly endless source of cartoons, and I purchased a few books.

Fast forward a few more years and I was looking for Christmas presents for my nieces, Boots (the chemist, as I always feel the need to add) had small soft toy Peanuts characters on key rings, perfect, cute in themselves and what better than to encourage young minds to read quality cartoon strips that are rich in humour and the lessons of life. The 3 for 2 offer lead me to pick up a spare Woodstock for myself.

Woodstock has always been my favourite character in the comics, a mere sidekick for Snoopy (who himself is a sidekick for Brown), but I liked his erratic flying, odd punctuation based speech and his little family.

This key ring started to travel with me on holiday and when staying with friends, the key ring fell off but Woodstock continued to be packed in my bag whenever travelling, or sat on my pillow at home when not. He has become like Linus's security blanket in a way, although much more discreet. Occasionally he has traveled with Ivonne instead, and every so often he gets a spin in the washing machine.

I am not sure what the ownership of stuffed toys says about a person as an adult (but I bet you have at least one), but this little yellow bird is one of the first things to be packed into an overnight bag.

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