Sunday, 4 May 2014


...It's been a long time (lots of works in progress so far) but I have finally completed one of my new things.

We went to Yo Sushi (I know there is an exclamation mark, but can't remember where it goes) in High Wycombe yesterday.

I was glad to see the rotating coloured plates whizzing around, and knew that we would sit on one of those high bar stools, and rather liked (but didn't use) the taps for water on the table top.

We were shown how to call for assistance, had how to order explained to us, and helped navigate the menu.

I decided to go for the most Sushi looking dishes, so picked a small purple plate that was spinning around, and then ordered a salmon dish from the specials menu.

I must say I didn't enjoy the little seaweed wrapped parcels of rice and fish that I picked from the conveyor belt, it was very tasteless (just a general fishiness) and very very dry, and made me reach quickly for my beer to just get some moisture back in my mouth.

the next dish was more moist, and had a nice lemongrass element to it, but was just more fishy rice, flavour indistinguishable from the first dish! I ate maybe half of it, but could not manage anymore (and I was really hungry still!).

So a disappointing experience, not made better by not being able to relax on the high stools, being situated by the sink where staff were washing their hands, and rather dark, small surroundings.

So, I have no tried it, but won't be going back! Who want's to go for curry?

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