Wednesday, 1 January 2014

12 New things for 2014... The ideas...

Thanks for all your ideas on Facebook and Twitter, I am now going to try and pick, adapt and make sense of them.

Some ideas were too expensive (Compete in a hill climb), or too time consuming (Pilgrimages), or both (Fostering a child) but thanks for making the effort... 

Some I have done before, so don't count (visited Palestine, Ottery tar barrels, running a half marathon, National Novel Writing Month, reading a book of the Bible)

1. The first useful one was from Jovan, "Pilgrimage to Mecca". Well, I am not about to actually make the pilgrimage to Mecca, but I have been meaning to read the Koran for a while now, so I will read at least part of it this year! (I will need some help from my Muslim friends and colleagues on the details of this one!).

2. The second one from Sarah was "Make and eat your own Sushi". Well, I have never even eaten sushi, so I will eat sushi this year!

3. Emily suggested taking up an instrument. I am thinking Ukulele maybe?

4. Martin suggested learning a computer language, I am concentrating on the human language of German right now, but would like to read a bit more about the basics of how computer language works, as I have so many friends who use it for their work, but it feels like another world to me. So I will read some kind of introductory book on the subject (cop out? I hope not!).

5. Kate suggested growing potatoes on the balcony. I have grown all sorts, but never spuds! Ivonne actually has the bag we need to do it, so nothing stopping me on that one!

6. DT suggested acting in a production of Shakespeare, well, and this may shock you, but I have never seen a live production of Shakespeare, so I am going to start there first!

7. Ivonne suggested I learn to knit a scarf. I think this is slightly more realistic than the other suggestion of sewing my own clothes, so going with that.

8. Maria suggested learn to hula hoop... No idea where the nearest hula hopp learning centre is, but happy to give it a go!

9. It has been suggested before that I learn to play Chess properly.

10. Kathryn suggested doing a one mile open water swim, bit ambitious given that I can't really swim, but I would like to try at least a few swimming lessons.

11. I have never been fishing, despite JJs kind offers in the past. This is the year I will catch a fish...

12. Zoe suggested giving up meat for a month... I will try a week!

That is my 12!

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