Monday, 10 December 2012

2012 - Settling in.

Although we didn't actually move towns in 2012, it was as good as. We moved in just before Christmas last year, and then were both away for a bit over Christmas and New year, so all the sorting out of the flat happened in January.

Our flat has many advantages over that last one.
1. It is not in Aylesbury.
2. It has a balcony.
3. It is not in Aylesbury.

Actually they are the main three advantages, I can also walk to work in about five minutes!

I never quite felt at home in Aylesbury, and any friends I had made were in High Wycombe anyway, and my job was also in High Wycombe. It made sense both geographically and financially to live here. We did breifly look at flats further into London, but the prices sent us running back to Buckinghamshire!

Another advantage is that Wycombe is surrounded by lovely countryside, with many parks and woods within easy walking distance. So I spent much of the early part of the year exploring the area... cue picture...

High Wycombe 024

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