Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year! What a year 2015 was!

Happy New Year!
2015 has been an amazing year for me, I know that I am lucky that this has been the case, the law of averages says that every year cannot be great for everyone, but 2015 has been one of the best for me!
Some amazing threads have run through the year, Skeptics in the Pub has continued to be amazing, with particular highlights being Alom Shaha and Michael Marshall, I regret not having made it to QED this year, but we will rectify that next year!
I did my first ever stand up routine in March, which was terrifying but fun, then was invited by Charlie to do his Stand Up Philosophy night in London, which I was very nervous and not very good, but I learned a lot! then a book related comedy set at the book launch for Dane John Cobain, which was not so bad! Have continued to do bits an pieces throughout the year, as well as MCing the Open Mic night at the Arts Centre.
The Elections happened, and I stood as a candidate for Abbey Ward in Wycombe, I only really had to get a few signatures and deliver some leaflets, but a great experience and one I will maybe take more seriously in the future!
Holidays! Four amazing trips away with Ivonne, i know, we are massively lucky to be able to do this, A great long weekend in Bavaria seeing friends, A week in the sun near Palma in Majorca, a week at Ivonne;s parents, and a very relaxed week in Menorca.

Book group has kept going through the year, we have had some great conversations, but also some low turnouts. Would love this to be a success, but despite have hundreds of people signed up it seems that the enthusiasm is lacking... need to think about the future of this for 2016.
I moved to the Henley Branch at work, this is not ideal, but does give me a chance to be closer to Ed Atkinsons Skeptics and Believers group, which has had a great year, and I even led a discussion on Happiness, which although varied from the normal tone of the evening seemed to go down ok!
So much more was amazing, a weekend in Brighton, the continuing fun that is Kathryn Taylors Philosophy in the Pub in Chesham, various comedy nights, a few days in Exeter, my Dads Birthday weekend at Kay and Johns, countless lovely meals, Writers group, visits to London...

But the year for me will be mostly defined by Sunday Assembly, and specifically the setting up of our very own community in High Wycombe, In March it was just an idea in the heads of myself and Gemma and maybe a few others, by October it was a reality and we had our launch event with 40 people. I won't mention all who made this happen, as you know who you are! Some great new friends made, a brilliant day in London with other Sunday assembly Groups in December, and 2016 will be the year of finding our direction for the group, exciting times ahead!
Roll on 2016!

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