Thursday, 15 October 2015

We did it! Sunday Assembly High Wycombe is now a thing!

After 3 months of planning the first Sunday Assembly in High Wycombe became reality!

Here is a slightly amended report of the first service which I sent to Sunday Assembly International.

Sunday Assembly High Wycombe Report. 11th October 2015

On Sunday we had our first Sunday Assembly High Wycombe event.

We were very pleased with how our service went, from about twenty minutes before the room started to fill up, the enthusiastic “Love bombers” from SA London were some of the first to arrive and before long we were packing 40 people into quite a small space!

I gave a very brief introduction, then the Sunday Assembly Reading band, who kindly provided the music for our first event, went straight into Walking on Sunshine, and the energy in the room just lifted!

I then explained what Sunday Assembly was all about, using the motto (Live Better, Help Often, Wonder More) and then we went into a short audio story that introduced our theme, which was “Overcome”. We sang Close to You and had our talk from Kathryn Taylor, She hit just the right tone and was very moving and personal.

After another song Gemma did a ”Doing her best” segment, which fitted the theme and was very amusing, then a moment of silence, and a chance for the congregation to greet each other.

Notices were simply an appeal for people who would like to help and join the team, especially for the music, and then we sang a final song (The Bare Necessities), which was great fun, and after a quick thanks to everyone we were mingling and drinking tea and eating cakes.

Just 4 weeks now to get the next event together...

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