Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I've been through the mill this weekend.

Pann Mill Open Day 2012 018

 No, I literally have. Pann Mill in High Wycombe had an open day last Sunday as part of the National Mills Weekend. As I live a few minutes away, and have often tried to peer though the windows to see what is in there, I thought I would pop in.

 Pann Mill Open Day 2012 016

Back when I lived in Exeter I enjoyed a morning at Cricklepit Mill on the river Exe, I knew that Pann Mill is a lot smaller, but it's always nice to see a water mill in action. The grounds of the Mill had a few stalls, including a second hand book stall, where I gave into my weakness and bought 2 books (Carl Sagan - Cosmos and the Pale Blue Dot) and then I made my way into the mill. I was surprised how tiny it was, but luckily it was not very busy, so was able to see the huge driving wheel and the gears. Fine flour was pouring down from the roof into a collecting pot.

 Pann Mill Open Day 2012 008Pann Mill Open Day 2012 010

 I then went up the stairs (think of the stairs you go up to get into a loft) and saw the stones where the grinding takes place (stop sniggering at the back!). Had a good chat to the miller about the history of the Mill.

 Pann Mill Open Day 2012 012Pann Mill Open Day 2012 014

 Great to see a little bit of local history, and meet a few people. Maybe next year I will go up to the Windmill at Lacey Green (or is it Loosley Row?)

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