Friday, 13 April 2012

Bank Holiday in Brighton

I love the seaside. I lived most of my life just a few miles from the beach (Dawlish Warren a 2 stops away on the train), a year with a flat with a sea view (in Exmouth, if you stood on the window sill and there was no car parked on the street).

I now find myself in Buckinghamshire, handy for London, but not famous for having an coastline.

Any chance I can find to go to the seaside I will now take, and having friends recently move to Brighton is a perfect excuse to visit the coast.

We could not have picked a worse day to visit the seaside! It was great to catch up with friends (more of that tomorrow), it must have been the wettest and windiest day the south coast has seen this year, it rained from the moment we left our house in Wycombe in the morning, to the amusements on Brighton Pier, all the way back to Wycombe in the evening. My waterproof proved not to live up to it's name.

Brighton Rain

We had a great time though, catching up on news eating food, lots of coffee and plenty of copper coins lost in the arcades.

But hopefully next time I see the sea the weather will be more suitable for ice creams and sun bathing. 

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